Financial Details

Lido Nation is a node in the Cardano blockchain network. Cardano supports decentralized financial, identity and governance tools. Together we are building a future that works for everyone.

Running a network node is a job, so we get paid for participating in a project we believe in. We also want to create more good in the world with you, our delegators. This page describes how we do it, together.

When Lido Nation mints a block on the network, our pool receives a sum of ADA.

Reward amounts are calculated and sent to pool operators and delegators AUTOMAGICALLY.

Cardano rules dictate that a static fee of 340₳ is sent to the pool operator if the pool makes at least one block during the course of the five-day epoch.

At Lido Nation, this income covers our fixed costs: server, website, email platform, and similar business-related expenses.

SPO Reward Margin Piechart

From the rest of the rewards, 96% goes directly to our delegators.

The remaining 4%* is called the "pool margin". This allows us to have some fun together, participate more fully in the Cardano ecosystem, and give generously to causes chosen by you.

There is some confusion about how margin works and how much it impacts delegator rewards; some delegators choose a pool simply by looking for the lowest possible margin. This is probably not worthwhile; there are many factors that affect delegator rewards, and the impact of a percent or two of margin is negligible. For example, if you stake ₳1K, you may make ₳58.8 in rewards in a year from a pool that has a 2% margin. All other factors being equal, you would make ₳57.6 in a year in a pool charging 4%, like LIDO! For individual delegators the difference is very small, but as a group, it makes big difference in what we can accomplish!

One quarter of our margin supports content and enhancements that enrich the Lido Nation delegator experience. This may include producing new content, expanding available translations, and other projects that we dream up together!

The remaining quarter is what makes this a "real job" for our pool operators and staff. Thanks for being a part of our vision to build a company that can do well, and do good.

SPO Reward Margin Pie chart


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